Andrew Knock was born in London, and has lived in Scotland for over 30 years.  He came to Christianity in his mid-twenties, following an interest in Buddhism, and has subsequently found immense value in most religious paths and traditions.  His fundamental life questions always seem to centre on the dimension of spirituality, and he finds the "road less travelled" to be usually the most enlarging.

He spent over 20 years working as a church minister (Episcopal/Anglican), writer, conference speaker, worship leader and consultant with various church groups in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.  He has also taught in Zambia, South Africa, the Republic of Ireland, and the USA, and visited many other countries. 

Andrew left church employment some years ago with great sadness.  He handled the expiring of his first marriage very badly, but came through depression to a new awareness of primary human values.  It was at this point that his journey into forgiveness really began.  Thanks to the generosity and goodness of family and friends, and to the Spirit of God who touched them and him, he was able to take early retirement and concentrate on writing and spiritual reflection. 

He recognised that he had tried to side-step, rather than challenge, the institutional church's tendency to value 'performance' or 'works' in its love of ritual, its career structure and its political aspirations and internal ethos.  He also side-stepped its tendency to domesticate and restrict the highs and lows of spiritual life.  He had misinterpreted his intense personal calling as a calling to do rather than the calling to be - as indeed so many seem to; and this had severely inhibited living by faith for him.  He has found now he is more securely where God wants him to be.

As a writer, he is concerned with seeing further into personal and organisational transformation and how to inspire, motivate and empower people for this.  He has degrees in philosophy and theology, and a doctorate in both subjects.  Writings include:

  • Why does God allow suffering? - Marshall Pickering 1996 [ISBN 0-551-03040-2]
  • The Purpose of your Church - General Synod 1989 [ISBN 0-905573-10-2]

and the large study courses:

  • Eucharist and Resurrection - (for seminar use 1994)
  • The Evangelising Church - SCOC 1995

He has also particularly enjoyed composing music, being a jazz drummer in London clubs and being a bucket-man (garbage man) in Dunblane.  His first marriage to Helen created two fabulous sons, Alistair and Michael.  At the start of the new millennium Andrew began a new personal life with his beloved wife Ruth and her impressive son Thomas.

His other passions include most Western music (especially late Beethoven, Debussy and Stravinsky to John Adams, Duke Ellington to Keith Jarrett and Michael Brecker), Western philosophy, cooking, gardening, writing, movies, real-time strategy / management computer games, imaginative lovemaking (who doesn't?), Birman cats, contemporary British novels, science fiction (esp. Douglas Adams and Iain M Banks) ... and more.  He is a late convert to J R R Tolkien's writings, and a passionate one.

Andrew's favourite saying is, "He wasn't petty."  He tries to live up to it.


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