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"People - they get trapped in their own history unless someone shows them a way out" (Unstrung Heroes)*

horsehead-s.jpg (5926 bytes)Forgiveness is the most powerful step that people, organisations and even nations can take to bring about transformation and growth. 

It is central to all human development, though we can easily overlook its power, too often associating it merely with certain religious rituals or with weak or soft responses.

Forgiveness does not only have one level.  It's not simply "either you can or you can't."   There are different levels of forgiveness:

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Gift   Forgiveness is an incredible gift and empowerment to be received - see You are forgiven.

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Healing   And forgiving other people is a wonderful healing whenever we are trapped into judging and condemning others.

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Leadership   Most radically, full forgiveness is an act of leadership, a vital power to transform other people's lives. It involves replacing bad judgement with good judgement.

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Renewal   The practice of forgiveness or lack of it is the most basic criterion for evaluating spiritual and religious institutions, and the key to their renewal or transformation

Try visiting The dimensions of forgiveness for a fresh view of where you are and what you mean by 'forgiveness.'

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*"Unstrung Heroes" (1995) - movie writer Richard LaGravenese, director Diane Keaton

The photo background for the main borders is of the total solar eclipse in August 1999


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