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The power to initiate forgiveness, and Should forgiveness be unconditional? 

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Communities, institutions and belonging

Why we continue to seek security and permanence in the ideals of community and friendship, and how institutional attitudes disfigure and undermine this

Compassion and the posture of blame

How carers can be drawn unintentionally into an unforgiving 'posture,' whereas compassion involves solidarity with disempowered people

Discipline without destruction  by Don Baker

Extract from a true story of restoration in a church congregation

Forgiveness: Why and How  by Pascal Baute 

A practical step-by-step aid to forgiving

Good judgement and bad judgement

Becoming a better judge, and not being afraid of the idea of 'judgement' because we may experience many bad examples of it

Growing into deeper spirituality

Exploring the overall shape and direction of human spirituality fom the perspective of deepening or going further - seeing what in it is central and what is superficial

Hard work and belonging

Repentance and forgiveness in the well-beloved story of 'The Prodigal Son'

How Christ delivers reconciliation

A more theological reflection on the 'atonement' of Jesus, exploring why forgiveness is at the centre of Christian faith

Love and forgiveness in 1 Corinthians

We should not portray love as sentimental - putting love to the 'final test' of forgiveness

On not excluding others

Forgiveness as the core attitude in helping religious groups to combine strong identity with openness and mature tolerance
Should forgiveness be unconditional? Core article

Taking sides against evil

(Written after the terrorist attacks in September 11)  Forgiveness spurs us to take sides with every misbehaving person as well as every 'acceptable' person - against the negative forces driving them
Testing two forgiveness programs by Ken Hart and others A clinical trial examining the impact of two types of forgiveness-promoting interventions upon emotional well-being and spiritual outcomes, one secular and one spiritual
The dimensions of forgiveness Core article

The masculine-feminine spectrum in spirituality

Recognising the renewed emphasis on being 'humanly holy' in today's spiritual seeking

The 'no-name' game

How to respond to grumblers and gossips in a forgiving and creative way

The place of anger in enduring love

An exploration of the good as well as the bad sides to anger in 'real' relationships, and understanding the meaning of 'righteous anger'
The power to initiate forgiveness Core article

The values implied by forgiveness

The network of values and priorities which go with commitment to forgiveness, and the ethic or view of goodness they contain

Unforgiven - the movie

An account of the Oscar-winning film which depicts a 'world of sin,' and reveals some fundamental areas of our lives which need forgiveness

What motivates us to forgive?

Exploring non-religious motivators to forgive, plus an overview of religious motivators

You are forgiven

How forgiveness deals with the past, and helping us into a self-sacrificing acceptance of blame (exploring what is unique in Christianity's account of forgiveness)


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