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Alphabetically listed sites which make available something fresh to say or to celebrate.  Many 'forgiveness' links are chiefly advertising sites for ordering books, and we have also included some interesting ones.


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) A Campaign for Forgiveness Research

Site of an international research project funded by the John Templeton Foundation and others, co-chaired by Desmond Tutu and Robert Coles

website : http://www.forgiving.org/


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Bruderhof Forgiveness Guide

A new site with great insight into forgiveness flowing since 1920 from the work in this area by the Bruderhof Communities.  The site includes a fine guide to other forgiveness websites.

website : www.forgivenessguide.org
free e-book : http://www.forgivenessguide.org/e-books/WhyForgive.htm


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Cooperative Communication Skills

Site provided by Dennis Rivers, editor of the Journal of Cooperative Communication Skills, which includes wise material on forgiveness

website : http://www.coopcomm.org/index.htm
email : comments@coopcomm.org


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Conflict Research Consortium

Conflict Management and Constructive Confrontation: A Guide to the Theory and Practice.  Provides an international 'Online Training Programme on Intractable Conflict'.  Based at the University of Colorado, USA

website : http://www.colorado.edu/conflict/peace/index.html
email : crc@colorado.edu


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Forgive

Although primarily a site for marketing the book Forgiveness: the Key to the Kingdom by John-Roger, founder of the ecumenical Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, the site does make available a free online email course in forgiveness, and other valuable materials.

website : http://www.forgive.org
email : jrbooks@msia.org


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Forgive for Good - Fred Luskin

Fred is one of the most celebrated practitioners of forgiveness training (see also the entry below under "Standford"), and this site is an introduction to his superb recent book, "Forgive for Good".

website : http://www.learningtoforgive.com/index.html
email : learningtoforgive@attbi.com


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) The Forgiveness Foundation

Site being developed by Jim Dincalci, family therapist and forgiveness counsellor, with inspirational articles and wisdom to integrate psychological and spiritual approaches

website : http://www.forgivenessfoundation.org/
email : admin@forgivenessfoundation.org


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) ForgivenessMovie

A very fine online free 'gateway' movie lasting 2 mins, inspiring seekers to become more forgiving in their own lives, created by Danish Ahmed

website : http://www.forgivenessmovie.com
email : danish@ordinarywords.com


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) The Forgiveness Web 

The most comprehensive listing on the web of sites concerned with many diverse aspects of forgiveness, operated in conjunction with Amazon.com.

website : http://www.forgivenessweb.com/default.htm
email : webmaster@forgivenessweb.com


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) ForgivenessWorks

New site being developed by Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione, celebrated international authors and teachers.  Aims to be "a catalyst at making forgiveness as natural and as important in our lives as breathing and eating

website : http://www.forgivenessworks.org/
email : fwinformation@forgivenessworks.org


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Global Peaceworks

Global PeaceWorks brings volunteers of many faiths to live together while serving a community in need

website : http://www.globalpeaceworks.org/
email : use website form


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) I'm sorry - relationship repair

Site introducing Jay Krunszyinsky, a counsellor and behavioural consultant, and the experiences and ideas behind his new book "I'm sorry - Repairing a Hurtful Relationship" on improving and healing relationships in education, families and couples

website : http://www.relationshiprepair.net/
email : KRUZ75@peoplepc.com


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Inner Peace

A very interactive and free programme for working creatively through healing and spiritual issues, including much on forgiveness

website : http://innerpeace.org
email : volunteers@innerpeace.org  


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) The Insight

A comprehensive web directory of spirituality-related websites

website : http://www.the-insight.com/


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Institute for Human Responsiveness  

Insightful materials developed by Pascal Baute, a human relations counsellor

website : http://www.lexpages.com/SGN/paschal.html
email : Pbbaute@aol.com


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) The International Forgiveness Institute

Based at the University of Wisconsin, USA.  Valuable research and writing following developmental psychology guidelines and incorporating many religious and philosophical strands.

website : http://www.forgiveness-institute.org/
email : webmaster@forgiveness-institute.org


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Keoz.com/peace

A comprehensive "peace vertical portal" providing a large directory of sites dealing with many aspects of peace and justice issues, including forgiveness

website : http://keoz8.com/peace
email : admin@keoz8.com


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Michael Henderson

Michael is a freelance journalist, speaker and broadcaster, the author of nine books, the latest being the highly valued Forgiveness: Breaking the Chain of Hate

website : http://fenet.co.uk/henderson/
email : michaeldhenderson@compuserve.com


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) North American Institute for Conflict Resolution

Site for mediator Barbara Ashley Phillips, the author of The Mediation Field Guide and other works.   The site provides valuable material on forgiveness.

website : http://www.crtraining.com/
email : events@crtraining.com


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Plough Publishing / Bruderhof

Plough is the publishing house of the Bruderhof, a radical community movement of families and single men and women founded by Eberhard Arnold in 1920, challenging many institutional assumptions

websites : http://www.plough.com/index.htm   &  http://www.bruderhof.org
email : feedback@plough.com


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Radical Forgiveness

Innovative therapeutic approach developed by Colin Tipping and his wife JoAnna, co-founders of the Georgia CancerHelp Program.

website : http://radicalforgiveness.com/index.html
email : colint@mindspring.com  


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Religious Tolerance

The most frequently visited religious website anywhere, providing thorough introductions to points of mutual understanding for many religions, including Wicca

website : http://www.religioustolerance.org/


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Restorative Justice

Another site devoted to this vision, developed by lawyer Tom Cavanagh to provide a set of core values to guide the vision of others working in this area

website : http://www.restorativejustice.com/index.html
email : okirish@holly.colostate.edu


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Restorative Justice Online

Main resource site reflecting the aim of some US lawyers to move legal justice and attitudes from a retributive to a restorative model

website : http://www.restorativejustice.org
email : lparker@pfi.org


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Softpower

Sponsored by UNICEF Canada and partners, Softpower  develops approaches to conflict resolution using attraction rather than force.  Remarkably, the whole Unicef Education for Peace and Conflict Online Manual is available free onsite.

website : http://www.softpower.org
email : mycity@interlog.com


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Spirit at Work

Major resource site for anyone exploring the vision of a human workplace built on spiritual values

website : http://www.spiritatwork.com
email : spiritatwork@earthlink.net


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Spirituality.com

Christian Science site developing web community for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of spirituality and life, with good resource material, and online discussions on issues such as forgiveness

website : http://www.spirituality.com
email : thomast@spirituality.com


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Spiritual Connections Group

A spiritual self-help online bookstore that is dedicated and designed to support and encourage persons on their spiritual path, with a primary focus on forgiveness books

website : http://www.spiritualconnectionsgroup.com/category/Forgiveness
email : blanche@spiritualconnectionsgroup.com


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Spiritual Growth Network of Kentucky

A group developing practical approaches to spirituality and human relationship using insights from all the main Wisdom traditions

website : www.lexpages.com/SGN
email : paschal@winwinfinesse.com


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Stanford Training in Health and Healing

A training programme developing at Stanford University, and also funded by the Templeton Foundation.  Directed by Fred Luskin.

website : http://www.stanford.edu/~alexsox/forgiveness.htm
email : fredl@leland.stanford.edu


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St Ethelburga's Centre

The Centre for Reconciliation and Peace in a rebuilt church in London is a venue for dialogue between groups in conflict both at home and from overseas. It helps analyse the role of religions in international affairs and seeks to further the contribution that faith communities can make to preventing deadly conflict.

website : http://www.stethelburgas.org/
email : enquiries@stethelburgas.org


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Taking the bully by the horns

A site building on a self-help book, "Taking the Bully by the Horns," by Jay Carter and Kathy Noll, to help kids/teens deal with bully, self-esteem & school violence issues

website : http://hometown.aol.com/kthynoll
email : Kthynoll@aol.com


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Trauma and Chaplaincy

Thoughtful site about diverse care and justice issues, published by Catholic chaplain Fr J Mahoney

website :
email : frjmahoney@earthlink.net


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance

Aims to celebrate the healing power of forgiveness worldwide through the establishment of the first global holiday, International Forgiveness Day, and to broaden awareness of forgiveness

website : http://www.forgivenessday.org
email : rwplath@forgivenessday.org


YellowSmile.gif (93 bytes) Yehudah Fine

Charismatic NY rabbi (the "Times Square Rabbi"), author and teacher who works with many teens and with their parents, and with people with addictions, Yehudah majors on hope and forgiveness.

website : http://www.yehudahfine.com/
email : featherriver@mac.com


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